What Do California Marina Insurance Offer to Business Owners?

Insurance for California marinas

Insurance for California marinas offers a variety of services that are often bundled in different coverage programs. Depending on what type of business they own or what their needs are business owners can choose from yacht, manufacturer, builder, artisan, repairer and cargo insurance programs. These types of marina insurance cover the basics from physical and financial damage to different kinds of liability, such as employee or pollution liability.

Marina insurance is a general term that can be applied to a range of specific types of insurance provided for those who do business with marinas. For example, yacht clubs and marinas have programs especially tailored to protecting their business needs. These programs offer not only general coverage for the boats and property, but also offer coverage for property owned by members of these clubs as well as sailing school training and chartering. They also offer workers compensation for employees. Manufacturer, boat builder, and artisan insurance operate on a similar vein, such as offering basic property and liability coverage, and only differ by the different kinds of equipment coverage they offer. Ship repairer insurance focuses on coverage for specific types of repairs while also offering general coverage for any damages sustained.

Marina insurance as a whole concentrates on the entire range of marina-related businesses. Insurance for California marinas target specific businesses such as yacht clubs as well as businesses that repair ships and boats. Thanks to the range and flexibility in the coverage offered, business owners of any kind will find an option perfect for their businesses.