What Does an Insurance Wholesaler Do?

Highland insurance

If you sell insurance to niche markets, you probably have a wholesale broker such as Highland Insurance. You may be wondering exactly what wholesale brokers do. These brokers act as intermediaries between you and the insurers, relying upon their experience and specialized knowledge to find the right coverages so that you can offer your clients the best protection for their money.

While wholesale brokers can work as retail brokers, more often they work with those on the retail side. Insurers tend to favor working with wholesalers because they have cultivated relationships on both sides that allow them to match up the business that retailers produce with the product that insurers create.

Insurance wholesalers often focus on one or more key industries so that they can give specialized service to their clients. Highland Insurance, for example, focuses on healthcare, real estate and cyber coverage. Retail agents and brokers who serve those industries can benefit from the information that a wholesaler who can get them customized insurance packages that take the particular needs of their client’s market into account.

Wholesalers are the liaisons between the business side and the coverage side of insurance. Working with wholesale brokers can improve the quality of your service to your clients by taking advantage of their expertise and years of experience in the field.