What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

insurance for California boats

From the smallest of fishing boats to spacious yachts, obtaining insurance for California boats is imperative for enjoying the open water. There are a myriad number of ways in which having the right policy makes every cruise on the water feel like smooth sailing. Read on to learn how boat insurance provides peace of mind.

Property Insurance

Even the most pleasant, relaxing and sun-soaked days can unexpectedly turn. Carrying property insurance on your watercraft is a must for protecting against various forms of damage to the following:

  • The hull and sails
  • Furnishings and built-in equipment
  • From accident collisions that are caused by you

This insurance for California boats can also cover towing costs and salvage expenses for when the unthinkable happens. Sometimes high-quality policies will even provide for additional roadside assistance for your boats tow vehicle.

Marine Liability Insurance

No one wants to think about worst-case scenarios when heading out on the water for a day of fun, but being prepared is crucial for recovering from unfortunate circumstances and events. Marine liability insurance for California boats offers coverage for damage incurred to property, or injuries caused to others, by you. Some additional coverage that could be provided under one of these policies include:

  • Broader coverage for passengers on your boat
  • Legal defense in the event that you are sued
  • The payment of judgements or monetary settlements against you

From protecting your vessel, your passengers and fellow boaters out on the water, there’s an insurance policy sure to meet your needs and help you navigate the waters when they become choppy.