What Should I Vape?

cbd vape oil

If seeing a group of hardened bikers outside a bar puffing on something that smells like lemon tart makes you curious, youre not alone. Vaping has become a hot new trend, especially among young adults. Whether youre a cigarette smoker or not, never fear: There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Vaping for Health

If you don’t want to try nicotine even in e-cig form, you have other options. CBD vape oil is available in many different flavors and brands. Another benefit to choosing CBD vape oil? You get the medical benefits from it.

Vaping the Green

Assuming you live in a legal recreational state, vape cartridges are also available with THC infused in them. Some of these THC levels are pretty heightened, so depending on the length of the puff and the temperature of the e-cig itself, you can get a pretty effective high very quickly.

Vaping instead of Smoking

The jury is still out on whether or not vaping is actually better for you than smoking cigarettes. However, vape cartridges with levels of nicotine are the OG of vaping. If you smoke cigarettes but want to try vaping, check at your local smoke shop to see what would work out best for you.
As with all new technologies, make sure that you do your research and decide for yourself whether you want to try vaping or not. Weigh the pros and cons and make a decision that fits your life.