Workers Comp and Machine Dealers Insurance

Workers Comp and Machine Dealers Insurance

Machine dealers provide products for many different businesses. Just think about it for a moment – how many different types of companies use some type of machine in their daily operations? Obviously laundromats and offices that use business machines such as copiers, printers and vending machines rely heavily on machine dealers. Add to the list restaurants, car dealers, and well, far too many businesses to name here.

Machine Dealer Insurance provides protection, in the form of a workers comp policy, from many risks and exposures that these proprietors face, and none is more prevalent than injuries to workers that must load this heavy equipment on and off of trucks as they make their rounds to their many destinations.

The liabilities to workers associated with machine dealers

Many of the work related injuries and illnesses experienced by workers in the coin-operated machine industry are musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), such as back injuries and sprains or strains that may develop from various factors, including lifting, repetitive motion disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, or injuries resulting from overexertion.

Most companies that require workers to lift or move heavy equipment provide the necessary tools to complete the job in as safe a manner as possible. This includes machines that aid in lifting heavy items onto truck beds, and back braces to minimize the strain on a worker’s back. Still, over time, workers may begin to experience an enormous amount of strain due to the amount of lifting and moving required by the job over any length of time.

A serious back injury due to overexertion could result in exorbitant medical bills, loss of wages due to the inability to return to work for weeks, or even months, and a reduction in the workforce that could ultimately affect the company’s profits. An injured worker can also create a ripple effect where others begin having concerns for their own health and well being.

No employer wants to see anyone experience any type of severe injury during the commission of their duties. Many implement safety programs geared at creating safer working conditions and always implore workers to get as much assistance as possible when handling heavy equipment. Machine Dealer Insurance is the only true safeguard when an employee is hurt during the course of performing their duties while on the job.