Why Workers Compensation Is a Vital Part of Your Business Insurance Policy

If you own your own business and have employees, then you need workers compensation as part of your business insurance in Hazleton Pennsylvania. Not only is this an efficient and effective way to help you in the event of an employee injury, but some form of workers compensation is also required by law.


Employee Risk


Employees run some sort of risk of injury no matter what their job may be. Whether they are moving boxes, stocking inventory, or operating machinery, there are certain risks involved with every job that could potentially lead to injury. Injury on the job often means you as the employer are responsible for assisting in cost of treatment. Whether or not you have workers compensation as a part of your business insurance, you might find yourself handling the expenses of treatment and recovery for your employee since workers compensation is required in Pennsylvania.


Can You Handle the Expense?


When choosing to invest in a policy for business insurance in Hazleton Pennsylvania, ask yourself, “Can I handle the expense?” If one of your employees were to become injured and need financial assistance for treatment, can you handle the cost all on your own? If you know such an expense would be devastating to your business, then it might be wise to look into adding workers compensation to your business insurance. Talk to an agent about the benefits of such a policy today.